DH 1x1
by Rick Fichter


Rick Fichter's DH-influenced Surly 1x1

I am submitting my new build, a Surly 1x1 with SS and fixed gears. I've raced DH for some time, but singlespeeding is a new experience for me. I just love the SS scene--it is the best ride out there besides my DH bikes.

I like the DH feel, so my fix has some DH aspects--like the big Michelin tires in the picture.

The setup is:

1x1 with the Surly Fork

Magura Gustavs with the 8 Rotors, a bit overkill but I like 'em!

Profile cranks with an S&M 32t Bash Sprocket

RhynoLyte rims on Surly SS Disc hubs

SDG 'Big Boy' seat on a Titec post

Kore DH Bars w/ NYC Freeride Stem

Shin Burger Pedals from Brooklyn Handmades

Michelin DH tires swapped out with WTB Raptors for speed


Rick Fichter fell off the map shortly after submitting this piece. If anyone knows where to reach him, please send us some contact details.

v1.0 written March 2005

Surly's cheap, functional bikes are a big favourite with 63xc.com readers. Other Surly fixers include Jezz Harty and Dan Artley.

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