An Intro to Red Haze
Images by Bob Stanton


Bob Stanton runs, 'dedicated to mountainbiking in the northwest'. It is primarily a resource for Bob's excellent MTB photos and videos. Here's a taster.

Chinook Trail

Red Haze: Hairy descent / Mount St Helens

Bob begins a hairy descent with Mount St Helens looming in the background.

The Big Easy

Red Haze: Still from The Big Easy, a Red Haze multimedia movie

A two-minute video of Bob on the trail at Castle Rock, Washington.

5MB MPEG file: playback in Windows Media Player or QuickTime.


Bob Stanton is a US-based biker and camera man. As well as running Red-Haze, he has posted a few times on about trying fixed gear.

This intro January 2003.

Bob's main page has many more photos and videos, and links to other sites with an interest in MTB video.

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