The new Pompino fork
Jezz Harty interviewed

Pompino forks side by side I believe the Pompino originally sold with quite a narrow fork?

JH: I think it was originally marketed as a general-purpose, do-anything bike, not an offroad bike. When people started using them offroad, they started asking for cyclocross clearances. I remember that the rear had lots of clearance, but the fork used to be limited about 35c. How big will the new one take?

JH: I've got no idea. I just know that now I've got mud clearance. So it's a basic steel fork, not carbon or anything?

JH: They do a carbon one as an upgrade, but since I'm financially embarrassed I didn't even think about it. If you bought a basic Pompino now, they'd give you one of these new forks?

JH: They'd give you the new fork. For an old bike, it's an upgrade. It's worth having it done. The pictures illustrate how much extra room I've got. It looks like a nice design for strength. How is it for ride?

JH: It's more compliant. Is there any rake on it, or is it straight blade?

JH: I'll just get it out the cupboard. [PAUSE] There's a slight curve on it. It's pretty much a wider version of the old fork, but it's definitely worth having if you've got an old Pompino and you want to ride it offroad. Thanks, Jezz.


Jezz Harty lives in Yorkshire and rides one gear, rain or shine.

v1.0 written February 2005

On-One, who make the Pompino, have their own site. Read Jezz on the Pompino here.

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