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Jezz Harty's pink Surly 1x1 Tell me about your pink Surly. Where did it come from?

JH: They did a limited run. I was due to get a black one, and when I contacted Isons about delivery they said that they had a limited run of pink ones on. They asked what colour I wanted, and I said send me the one that comes to the door first. Not that many in the UK?

JH: I think there were only 100 made. Anything else special about it?

JH: Well, originally the 1x1 had only canti mounts. This one has disc mounts. Are you running disks?

JH: Not yet. I have some really nice cantis which I bought back when V-brakes came onto the market and cantis were going cheap. You have it set up as a fix?

JH: I ride it with a flip-flop, so it depends on my mood. How come you went for this one rather than a Karate Monkey? Given that you like big wheels?

JH: I've been into 1x1s for years. When I rode the World's, I rode an original 1x1. How's the ride on the new one?

JH: Well, I like to set up my offroad bikes like a BMX, nice and tight and completely silent. This one works like that. In fact, when I took it to Berlin (SSWBC) I could have sold it about nine times. It just feels natural, like it belongs. As a general, bulletproof ride, I can't recommend Surly too highly.


Jezz Harty lives in Yorkshire and rides one gear, rain or shine.

v1.0 written February 2005

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