How To


  You're going down by Scott Hansen
The hill is a downslope, and steep... [MORE...]
Big Rings and Singlespeeds by Jason Millington
Granny rings make good fixed gear cogs!... [MORE...]
  The Rear Step Mount by John Ward
Demonstrating the rear peg mount... [MORE...]
Cadence Computer by Martin King
Feb 2007
Would you like to know how fast you spin the pedals? [MORE...]
  18 Spokes by James Lee
Nov 2006
I admire low spoke counts... [MORE...]
Reversing II by the Gonterian
August 2006
It's been a year... [MORE...]
  Thursday on Geometry
May 2006
You have to tell your own story... [MORE...]
Fixed Gear 101 by Greg Goode
July 2002 and forever
This is a set of introductory lessons on handling your first fixed-gear bike... [MORE...]
Will Meister: Sprocket gourmet
Claus Carstensen: Fitting track ends
The Gonterian: Reversing
The Gonterian: The Crux
Josh Cohen: Knee Pain and Cycling
Will Meister: Setting a Wheel
Matt Chester: Setup Revisited I
Matt Chester: Setup Revisited II
Lewis Campbell: Fixin' the 2spd Bendix
Gordon Mathieson: Cheap Hub
Bob French: Gear Choice
Simon Robins: Fit Your Own Disk Brake
Mike Perry: My DIY Track Ends
John Rieffel: Scorchin' Cold
Scot Nicol: Metallurgy for Cyclists
Will Meister: FG Hub Pick
Jason Millington: Disk Hub / Fixed Hub
Todd Posson: Magic Gears
Dennis Bean-Larson: Rear Wheel Repurposing
Mike Barker: Fixing for Klutzes
Jenny Glick: Scorchin' for Starters
Wakeman Massie: One-speed Offroad Drivetrain Spew


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