The Handlebar Dismount--Part Five of Fixed Gear 101
by Greg Goode


The basic handlebar dismount is the reverse of the handlebar mount. You straddle the bike, then pass it away from you while bringing your leg up, over, and toward you. Here are the steps in greater detail:

1. Riding the undersides of the pedals, come to a complete stop. Finish with the pedals in a comfortable 3o'clock/9o'clock position, the R pedal towards the front wheel and the L pedal towards the rear wheel. Step off the L pedal, then the R. You are now straddling the bike.

2. Grab the L handlebar with your L hand and allow the bike to lean slightly to the L.

3. Using a gentle thrust, pass the bike from the L to the R, so as to catch the stem in your R hand. At the same time, raise your R leg up, forwards and to the L, passing it over the handlebars and back down towards the L leg. The bike passes under to the R as your leg passes over to the L. (When I do this dismount, my left hand actually meets my leg over the bike and slaps the inside of my thigh.) Half a snap later, your R hand catches the stem and your R foot is back on the ground.


As always, you ride your bike at your own risk. and Greg Goode will not be held liable for any damage or injury arising from use of these lessons.

©Greg Goode 2002

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