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Sheldon Brown gets a subsection all to himself in the links, which is only proper. Sheldon's business, Harris Cyclery, was one of the first on the web and has consolidated its lead by publishing a vast mass of useful information. Whenever you read a cycling website, it is almost certain that some of the information you are reading came originally from Sheldon. The more esoteric the subject, the higher the proportion of Sheldon-stuff. This one scores higher than most.
Bill Burns stepped in when bad weather prevented me from taking the bird photo for the front of #18. The Chad Burkey archive to which he gave access contains a mass of excellent photos all usable under the terms of the creative commons license.
Matt Chester was kind enough to promise an article when was no more than a twinkle in the eye of its creators: this was a virtual guarantee of traffic and a great door-opener at the singlespeed sites. Cheers, Matt!
Bob French stomached the editorial group asking damnfool questions even tho' he has no means of viewing the site.
Genny Gebhardt provided a warm long distance welcome to the world of fixed gear.
Jennifer Glick at Crested Butte Cycles authored the 'Scorchin' for Starters' piece. It originally took the form of a long and carefully worded letter outlining basic riding techniques, written before she had any idea who we were. This has proved invaluable, not to say lifesaving.
Robin Mather not only agreed to an interview at the last minute, but rode 16 miles to meet us through some of the worst gales of the last five years when the railway let us down. Geezer!
Kent Peterson let us use one of his fine ride reports, and also put us on to his friend Jeff Potter, who dug out the excellent cover photo for #2.
Albert Reinhardt did the illustrations. He did the first set in four hours flat, having offered his services at 1000 GMT on the morning #2 went live. Have a look at his work if you want to add some life to your site: he wields a mean magic marker, and has some kind of serendipity thing going on.
Roger Stermann of Spectrum Imaging went into his image banks at the last minute to dig out high-res scans for us to use on the site, free of charge. Thanks, Roger.
Meik Weissert did the Favicon without being asked.
The entire recipient group of the fixed gear mailing list put up with clueless newbie questions and made intelligent suggestions. Our thanks for their forbearance.


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