Turtle Patrol
by Chuck Cypert


Chuck Cypert's Turtle Patrol

"Turtle Patrol" is what is left of my first mountain bike after it spent several years as a commuter sled. I converted it for oozing up and down the beach at Padre Island here in Texas while hunting for nesting sea turtles.

My thinking is that I have been trying to break the thing by riding it hard to work for the last 10 years with no success so I'll just see how long it takes to rust out completely from beach trips. In the sand brakes are nothing but noise makers after the first hundred meters or so anyway, why not a fixie? Tires 2.2" wide help on the beach, especially when run at about 15 psi, and the Blackburn rack keeps some of the sand off my butt when I splash in the surf. Look out little turtleheads, here comes a madman on a mission to ride the Gulf Coast of Texas.


Chuck is a techno-stud who stomps the bugs out of other people's software for a Dallas hi-tech company. He owns around ten different bikes, mostly oddball stuff, and is a medium-core gutter bunny riding ten miles each way several days a week through the Dallas automorons.

v1.0 written Feb 2005

Last time out Chuck showed us his Schwinn.
Peter Shikli fixes in the surf, too.

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