Clunker Classic World Championships 2006

Saturday 1/7/06

The Clunker Classic is held on the hills overlooking Porlock in Somerset UK. Most of the hills are hilly, and the others are too. The hill goes all the way from the sea to the top, where the clunkers dwell. The hill was formed over millions of years, and when it eventually reached the clunkers, they celebrated by inventing downhill bicycling. However due to being somewhat isolated from the rest of the earth, their bicycling technologies are somewhat basic. On the first Saturday in July we celebrate the day the hill reached the clunkers through the mediums of rust and beer, and also through the larges and smalls too.

This event takes us back to the origins of mountainbiking, where poorly prepared gentlemen (and ladies) charge off down a big hill on bikes that just ain't up to the job. Leave the lycra, disc brakes, and suspension behind, just grab a clunker and bomb the bastard.

It's at lunchtime First Saturday of July 2006, Ship Inn, Porlock, Somerset, UK. It’s a four mile push up a hill to around 1,700 feet, with a picnic followed by a Le Mans style start and a 4 mile race back to the pub.

One rule -- you can't ride a mountainbike or anything suitable for the purpose. So that leaves anything old or inappropriate: choppers, shoppers, stingrays, BMX postie bikes etc. The route is offroad, technical, rocky, and includes river crossings, public bridlepaths and roads. The World Champion will be crowned at the closing ceremony/party. Camping at the Sparkehayes campsite in the middle of village (Sparkehayes Lane just before the church). All competitors (in this non-race) have to donate something or anything to the communal prize stash.

IMPORTANT BIT: This is an annual gathering of like-minded idiots, sorry I mean athletes, who choose to enjoy an afternoon cycle together. It's not really a race. There is no organiser, no entry fee, no marshals, no insurance, no permission to race, no first aid, no liability, no medics, and only you and no-one else is responsible for your wellfare. Crashes are not rare, injuries have been known, so wear as much protective equipment as possible. HELMETS MUST BE WORN. However having said that the race has become much more pleasant in recent years, with many lady racers, great picnics, good solid people, and no worries.

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